New Web3 Learning Platform, Proof of Learn, Offers A New Approach to Accessible, High-Quality Education Across The Globe

editor May 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/09 at 1:54 AM

Proof of Learn, a new Web3 learning platform with a mission to unlock accessible high-quality education across the world through blockchain technology unveiled its first project Metacrafters – a learn-to-earn education platform. The Proof of Learn team shared the Metacrafters teaser trailer at NFTLA with an immersive experience.

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This mission-driven team with a focus on accessibility and equality is taking their global experience scaling Web2 solutions with a social impact to Web3, by creating Proof of Learn, a platform with a vision to make high-tech education accessible to people all over the world – and to give employers transparent access to students’ skill sets. Proof of Learn is a learn-to-earn platform where students put their learned vocational skills into practice as they progress. What’s more, it incentivizes learning by offering students cryptocurrency and NFTs upon mastering new skills. Proof of Learn aims to increase massive open online course completion rates, which studies show hover between 5-15%, by not only incentivizing completion with learn-to-earn economic rewards but also by providing a strong network community for the students.

Proof of Learn and Metacrafters is led by co-founders Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Kevin Yang, and Lauren Tornow. Marcelo founded and was former CEO and Chairwoman of — the world’s largest online marketplace for care, serving more than 35 million people across 20 countries and growing more than 100% year-over-year from its founding in 2006 until the company went public in 2014, and then sold to IAC in 2020. Yang is a technology entrepreneur, blockchain developer, and Stanford Computer Science graduate, specializing in crypto and mobile apps, who helped build and scale the Philippines’ leading mobile fast-food delivery app. Tornow also hails from, where she led marketing and international expansion; she also led marketing at Brainly, an online global learning community.

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“Blockchain technology has already transformed the global industry, making its best-known impacts in finance, art, and real estate. This new tech remains largely untapped when it comes to innovating the way we learn and what we do with what we learn” says Founder and CEO of Proof of Learn, Sheila Lirio Marcelo.

Proof of Learn’s mission is to target students who live in emergent economies such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America – regions with incredible potential and the need for access to Web3 education and job opportunities.  On the employer side, Proof of Learn will give companies the ability to access real-time information about students’ credentials, with the goal of transparency and overall meritocracy, improving the efficiency of employment matching across the globe.

Transition to Web3 is an opportunity to narrow the digital divide by equipping lower-income, high-potential people globally with skills to fit the internet’s next iteration. “As a team with strong personal ties to developing countries, like the Philippines, we care deeply about creating new education and employment opportunities across the globe,” says Sheila.

Proof of Learn connects promising global talent to professional global opportunities, guiding and rewarding that talent during their education and offering employers the best possible professionals to play meaningful, fulfilling roles in the new economy.

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