Bounteous Announces Partnership with Spryker to Provide Commerce Solutions for Increased Business Agility

editor May 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/09 at 1:54 AM

Bounteous, the digital innovation partner to the world’s most ambitious brands, announced today it is partnering with digital commerce company Spryker Systems to accelerate business growth for clients through comprehensive commerce solutions with a focus on speed-to-market. This new partnership offering will provide customers with increased business agility, elevated line of sight to customer data, and an improved business customer experience.

.@Bounteous Announces Partnership with @Sprysys to Provide Commerce Solutions for Increased Business Agility

Rapidly changing customer expectations demand a different way of thinking about digital commerce. No longer is digital commerce just about launching a catalog—it now includes personalization, CDP, data, and other elements that add incremental value. Bounteous and Spryker are developing comprehensive commerce solutions that include all of those elements and more, leading to an improved business customer experience—all without sacrificing speed-to-market.

“We’re excited to partner with Bounteous to deliver exceptional digital commerce solutions for our growing US customer base,” said Andrej Maihorn, VP US GTM & Industry Solutions at Spryker. “At Spryker, we recognize the importance of composability in commerce and Bounteous excels at it, from developing the initial strategy to platform implementation to continuous improvement. Together, we’re empowering our customers to elevate their digital commerce experience and seeing great results.”

Spryker’s composable solution helps companies that are seeking rapid growth and flexibility, enabling them to adapt quickly to the changing market. Bounteous brings unparalleled expertise that extends far beyond simply the commerce platform, including assisting in getting buy-in from key stakeholders, developing and understanding strategic direction, onboarding teams, and preparing brands for long-term success.

“By leveraging Spryker’s composable commerce solution, we make it possible for brands to go to market quickly and deliver an immediate ROI, then experience incremental growth through increased flexibility, increased access to customer data, and continuous iteration,” said Marc Infield, EVP of Technology at Bounteous.

Bounteous co-innovates with companies to optimize all aspects of the commerce journey, and the addition of Spryker to Bounteous’ partner ecosystem will benefit all clients, from those just starting out on their commerce journey to those looking to improve upon their existing commerce solution.

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